A Hat Like feature On Her Head


6 Years
Apr 26, 2014
Cleveland, Texas
I hatch mixed breed chickens. Some may ask why I would like to mix the breeds like that. Like many people who keep chickens for a hobby, I just love to have a variety of breeds so that I know my chickens each one from the other. And then after all, I love to have baby chicks. Each hen can not have her own breed and I want another breed of chicken for the roo so that he don't faver his own breed, hence, mixed breed. AKA: Barn yard mix. I then sell some baby chicks or give some away then I keep some till they start to lay and sell them for laying hens. I usually keep records of the eggs and what breed of chickens it came from on every egg. However, I did receive some eggs from a neighbor who told me the eggs were from a silver laced Wyandotte Roo and a Road Island Red hen. But I am curious about what this could be on the top of this girls head. It's like a hat. Is there anyone here that could tell me.


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