A hatch too cute not to share :)


12 Years
Mar 28, 2011
My most recent hatch, what an amazing color assortment
Hatching all these adorable colors is so much fun (I love guessing, or trying to guess what colors they are while they are still wet!). Selling them is the hard part tho, I want to keep almost every single keet! I've got a keeper list of 40+ keets so far, and I'm not even half way into the hatching season yet, lol.

I know! My Mom pretty much says the same thing, lol. This is probably my 75th hatch since I started incubating/hatching and she was finally lucky enough to be here during a hatch. She had a blast handling them and dipping beaks once they were dried and fluffed. She keeps telling me if I ever hatch a mute keet she wants it (she lives in a housing development in the outskirts of the Sacramento area and poultry isn't allowed, so she has to have a quiet Guinea, lol).

At least they are somewhat useful when they hit the peak of their Guinea-ishness! I have no ticks, no rattle snakes and no grasshoppers! They even wiped out the wolf spider population around here (BIG HAIRY FAST spiders that give me the heebie jeebies!)!!!

Their skittish ways, never ending personality quirks and the noise level sometimes drives me nuts... OK more than sometimes, lol, but ya gotta love em anyway

I think it's next to impossible to pick out a favorite color keet, they are all so dang cute. I spend hours just staring at them, watching them (when my nose isn't pressed to the hatcher window that is), lol.

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