A Hen and Chicks Crossed in front of me


9 Years
Apr 2, 2010
Wilds of Montana
Today going back to the barn, a wild Merriam turkey hen and her 7 chicks crossed in front of my car. Those chicks are simply awesome with their spots and adorable features.
Makes me want some unusual turkey chicks next year. Thankfully, I will be getting lovely heritage breeds, otherwise, I would be tempted...
To see the turkeys is something special. We used to have a flock of several mothers and their half grown kids stop by every 4-5 days to eat our lawn and dust bath. We welcome the wild creatures so don't use chemicals on our lawn. THen they stopped coming. Last week we saw a family of 2 hens and 4 poults crssing the driveway thru the woods. My boys were very excited! I stopped the car so they could watch for a while. THey don't remember seeing the ones in the back yard, they were so little then.

Our property abuts state hunting land and they stock the turkeys. We don't hunt, but we enjoy the turkeys too.

Miss the deer, they don't visit any more either. We continue to look for turkeys as we drive thru the state land--just might see another turkey!
We have a flock that lives near the creek down the road. They do come up to our land, but this is the second time I've seen see a hen and her chicks.

The state of Montana has added Merriams as a game species, which is cool. They're so beautiful.
Once I get my own property, I am going to homestead all sorts of poultry and turkeys are some of the birds I plan to care for. I know how precious it is to see chicken hens with their chicks.

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