A hen with spurs?


11 Years
Aug 22, 2008
Stockton, NJ
My one year old silver laced wyandotte Miss Prissy has spurs. I am sure she is a girl because she is very prissy and she lays eggs.

Is this normal? Here is a picture of her spurs:
Okay, phew! She is the only one of my ladies to have them. Too bad she hasn't learned to use them to defend herself - she is on the bottom of the pecking order.
Oh yes. I have a polish hen right now that has some nice spurs. I also had a golden comet that had some small ones.
Oh yeah some hens have spurs as big or bigger than some rooster breeds. I will never forget going to help my friend catch roosters from this guy who had hatched a couple hundred chicks and wound up with over half roosters and then they grew up and he kept on having bad luck each year...SO we go to this man's house and he has 300+ chickens and atleast 100 are roosters a few months old to 6 years old and he tells us "You catch as many roosters as you can pack in them cages and they are yours, you are doing me a favor." SO...we are catching all these roosters many many many of them have big combs and great big spurs, one goliath rooster had 3" spurs and nabbed me with them, and then the next chicken was nearly as big 9+ lbs with 2 1/2" + spurs and well to make this shorter, this guy actually just had a gene in his genepool that was causing alot of his hens to look like roosters with the large combs and spurs...cause my friend wound up keeping 6 of the 30 roosters we caught cause they never crowed and she found eggs...SO...Some older chickens and specific breeds it tends to be, have hens that develop rooster characteristics. One of them hens was the "goliath rooster that was 9+ lbs with 3" spurs"...

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