A how to get started when you have a sick chicken guide?

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    Hi everyone! I signed up on BYC a couple weeks ago and it has been a tremendous help for me and my little sick hen. Thank you all! You may already have this suggestion or idea posted somewhere, but I thought maybe it would be helpful[​IMG] to have a how to get started to do list if you find you have a sick chicken. I think when you discover you have a sick chicken there are things that can be done right away even if you don't know what is wrong with them, so I thought everyone could put ideas or suggestions from their experiences towards a to do list or a guide. Things like bringing them indoors in a cage.Ways to keep them warm,what to feed them and how to feed them if they won't eat or drink on their own.Types of wormers, vitamins,electrolytes you should have in stock. Good first aid products and so on. I have been raising chickens for ten years now and I'm far from a expert but have learned a few helpful things throughout the years and am sure there are lots of chicken owners who have many tips and products they could share to help others keep their sick or injured chicken comfortable till they can be taken to a vet or figure out what is wrong on their own.Just an idea. Let me know your thoughts and if there is even a way this can be done. Thank you for your time![​IMG]
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    "How to administer emergency and supportive care" by Casportpony if you do a search at the top of this page.

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