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    Feb 23, 2009
    We set 39 eggs yesterday in my son's classroom - all the chicks will go back to the farm where the eggs came from. Learning from my last hatching disaster, I went back to the traditional thermometer taped to the top of an egg and a meat thermomenter which is amazingly accurate - while they are reflecting the temp (both) at 102, the digital thermometer is reading 105. (As in, not relying on the accuracy of the digital)

    Since the last batch didn't pip til day 22 or hatch until day 23 and last chick on day 24 with 11 eggs either pipping and failing to get out or not even pipping, I know my temp ran too low.

    Each of the kids received a numbered egg to place in the turner and gave their egg a name. It will be fun - the kids (three 4th grade classes combined) are so excited.

    I went back this morning and was thrilled to see the temp at 102 - Still Air LG 9200 with turner.

    Hatch day is May 19th!
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    Apr 9, 2009
    Good luck! Sending good hatching vibes your way! [​IMG]

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