A late hello... :P


Jul 13, 2016
Arizona USA
I joined this website 2 years ago when I used to own a plethora of birds, and what seemed to give me a plethora of problems(I am extremely worrisome at even the slight disposition of regular behavior in my birds, such as when my peacock doesn't go up the stairs into the sunlight shining from the top window upstairs when I let him in the house) xD. Many... let's just say, rather unfortunate things that were not really good for my birds' overall long-term health, would happen to my birds due to my inexperience, and they sort of.. died out... from various reasons(poisoned cockroaches, bee sting in the tongue, eating a parasite-infected fish, contacting disease from pigeons, a CAT eating one of my peahens :mad: ...).

I viewed this site as an immediate-response and searchable site to any problems I would encounter... and I guess my method turned out pretty decent, but as I said, many of my birds died. I have only 9 birds right now(1 silkie rooster and 5 ducks(2 American pekin, 3 mallard-pekin hybrid), 3 peafowl(2 peahen, 1 peacock)), and it is slightly less demanding for me to take care of them. It seems that I am pretty successful in preventing them from dying or getting hurt now.

Recently I realized that it never occurred to me in the past 2 years to ever introduce myself to the community, so I am deciding to do it now. Well, I guess, let's start. I am from Phoenix, Arizona, USA, and had my bird-loving "trait" start when I was very young, for an unknown reason(can't remember). When I was young, I had an urge to want to own every type of bird(idk why). I also tried to catch sparrows and pigeons(actually managed to pull some off via using the string-stick-bucket method... except the stick was a cage door and the bucket was a cage) in which when I caught one I would take selfies with it, and try to get them to eat, but it would never work, and I would have to let them go.

Now, being "grown-up" :p, and many would say, I realize that I didn't have to own every possible bird, because that would mean I would ruin their natural habits(if I ever get to own every type of bird LOL). Currently, I just take photos and observe birds in the wild, and play with the birds I own. I "enjoy" "playing" tag with one of my peahen, expertly named "Peacocke"(My chicken better yet, is named Captain Chicky), not that they every actually get what I am trying to do.

Normally, they all do about their own thing, eating stuff from the grass, and fighting(usually between the rooster and the peacock, because... males... lol, but they never get hurt, because I am usually watching and stopping them with it gets too far) when I set the different kinds of birds together(just please don't criticize me for this, I know I should stop this). I have a huge problem with cats, so I fenced in most of my backyard, and it should hold the cats back(if you have any solution to a cat problem, please tell me!). I double fenced the coops I have, just for double-protection. I have a collection of bird species pictures, and I basically enjoy birds(and also birdwatching) as a whole.

Now, that was a whole lot, but hopefully it wasn't that stressful to read all of that. Thanks for your patience to read this, and pretty much that it is :p.

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