A lesson to learn.

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    Jun 7, 2010
    Hey guys
    As some of you have heard I wanted to hatch some eggs in an icubater I made but my dad said no because of some random stuff and I started to get verry upset and got angry and had a bad temper, ECT Because I thought I had just invented a new way to make an incubater:p and then the next day still thinking about using it when my dad got home I talked through the plans I had made up when they hatch. He agreed to hatch one YAY but I just wanted to tell other people out there If your dad says no it could be for a good reason and you can not always get your own way (Im still working on that one) considering I am verry lucky with all the things god bless's me with I think Im a verrrrryyyyyy lucky child [​IMG] I think I have learnt something but will I stick with it in the future [​IMG] I guess you will find out if im asking for help to make my mum and dad say yes on this sight again [​IMG] I have not reached my teens yet so I dont no what lyes ahead in my life but I reackon god has a great future for me.
    Thanks guys for all your help guys to change my attachude
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    Awww, your parents want what's best for you. It may seem like they don't understand you or listen to you at times, but just remember when you show your mom and dad your temper, it is setting you back. You can get angry, however handling it in a mature way would be your best bet in showing your parents you are able to handle responsibility.

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