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Jun 3, 2016
Grand Rapids, MI
Earlier this year i gave my parents 11 hens, 1 cockerel, and a duck. All were found dead besides 3 chickens. Their own 3 year old rooster was killed it stood no chance at defending. Their massive mamma turkey, 30+ chickens, 15 ducks, including 2 mommas that just hatched their babies and the babies just disappeared the daddy ducks were killed as well. This all happened in a matter of a couple weeks. Every night at least 1 was either found dead or not found at all. They started redesigning the coops to try to help but didnt have much luck. Their goat however, was untouched. With the much needed helo from a neighbor, they were able to catch the predator in a live trap. A bobcat. Took it 30 miles and let it loose. They also got 5 full sized geese to help protect the property. Last year weasels got into tge pole barn and too the face off of 63 bunnies in a matter of weeks. I have my fingers crossed that this is the end! Bobcats and weasels are no joke! They will whipe you out in no time!
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Ive had mixed feelings about the threads where people rant about others losing bird after bird to predators.
We free range for the most part and have lost birds to predators. Not a lot considering the amount of poultry we have and the amount of predators in the area.
I do what i can to keep them safe expect total lock down. We have lost a few birds day after day or within a short period of time before i got the problem eliminated.
I hate losing even one bird and i especially hate it when i lose a few before taking care of the problem. I also hate taking away their freedom and cooping them up in a small area.
It not easy sometimes to hear someone come on here and rant about how stupid people are for losing birds and how if they do they should get rid of them.
So often every predator thread is answered with lock them up and lock them up tight. I wish there was more advice about keeping free range birds safe. Ways to deter predators.
Its fustrating to always see the secure your coop, keep them in it or give up your birds threads if youre a free ranger.
I guess i finally caught a thread that explains the emotions behind those crazy heated posters that just want to rant and rant.
I feel the same I have lost several birds this summer but the one I lost to a predator was actually locked up for the night and the critter pulled it to the wire and bit its head off. The rest died from being trampled coming out of the coop in the morning, one was just suddenly puny. Sickness? I don't know, and one was squished flat because my son moved the chicken tractor on it (accident). My birds free range during the day and are locked up at night. When the chicks are young and small they go into the chicken tractor.
There is never a one size fits all. We do the best we can. Not everyone can afford a huge suoer expensive, but that doesnt mean they cannot afford to have the animals. Some people have the animals for the simple fact thar they cannot afford much and that is their food supply. When an animal is lost to a predator it is always devestating and frustrating. My parents live in the backwoods in nortgern michigan. Tons of predators. Sometimes it takes a while to identify by behavior and time as to which predator is causing the problem and sometimes there are multiples. They free range as well and pen up at night. The turkey was always loose because she was huge! She was protection for the others. Abd some predators will make their ways thru anything you put up. Bunnies all in cages in a closed tight pole barn is proof. That doesnt stop a weasel. Neither will a chicken coop. Theyll get in. Doesnt stop snakes either. Predators arent dumb, and sometimes they stake out an area for a while before they decide on a game plan. So you think youre safe and then BAM. I am surrounded by wheat fields. Lots of predators, and i have less protection than my oarents. I have a dog coop that theyre in and fishing line criss crossed across the top to keep the hawks out. The only thing that saves me is that i have 2 big trees in the coop that take up almost all of tge top of the coop. Makes it harder for predators to see them. I also have white plastic weaved into my fence to make it harder to see in thru the sides as well

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