A little advice?


7 Years
May 16, 2012
Can someone please help me? I've basically been trying to hatch 5 eggs in a plastic box with a heating lamp on 100 watts. There's been a bowl of water in it for them when they hatch. My friend hatched a chick with just a lamp. I don't have a way to check temp or humidity. The bantan eggs were in here for 26 days and I decided to crack them open. They looked mushy like scrambled eggs but chunky. They were fertilized I candled them, but I dont know why they didn't hatch! There's a brown one that's supposed to hath tomorrow. Im worried it won't. I've kept Them on lockdown. Any advice would be helpful!!!
Temperature and humidity is VERY important!!!!!!!!!!! The reason why they didn't hatch is because you never knew what the temp was!

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