a little help, please? I collected a white egg amongst brown layers.


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Jun 27, 2013

I purchased a four chickens back in February and I was assured they were brown layers. This week I collected a white egg.
not sure which one is responsible for it....

Cinnamon Queen
Rhode Island Red
Brown Leghorn
and the spotted on is supposedly an easter egger.

Your Brown Leghorn would be responsible for the white egg.
As for the spotted chicken, she's a Speckled Sussex rather than an Easter Egger.

Good to Know Alex, now can you help me out a bit more?
Which one is the Brown Leghorn?

I'm not sure who told you a brown Leghorn would lay brown eggs, they're a classic white egg layer

Anyway, agree she's in the last pic with the Red. Your other birds should all be nice brown eggers, the Sussex's eggs may be a lighter cream color.

The brown Leghorn may outlay them all, though, except maybe the sex link. And a few white eggs in the carton really set off the other colors
The last picture? I bought that as a Welsummer chick!
Oh man, I was looking forward to different colored eggs.
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