A little water experiment


8 Years
Feb 23, 2011
Gilroy, CA
OK I've raved about the 64oz. "Water Well" waterers I got at TSC. I think they are great, and my gals *seem* to think so too - I hear the waterer being used constantly all through the day (the coop is about 10ft from my trailer).

But, being a worrier, I thought maybe they're using it a lot because they're not getting enough water, "I can't get no, satisfaction" kind of thing. So, I filled a bright red coffee can with water and put it by the waterer and watched from a distance. Not one taker. I think I'll try running the experiment again around the middle of the day, it was getting to be chicken beddy-bye time, but at least I'm relieved to not see 'em all come flocking in, "OMG easy to get water for a change!"
I tried again just now, used a lower bowl, a very nice water bowl, a few drank, mostly they were "meh", and went over and drank from the waterer anyway.

it's a 64oz. "Water Well" from TSC, US-made and I'm very happy with 'em.

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