A&M Quail Sexing.... help again..


6 Years
Dec 15, 2013
San Antonio, Texas
I tried to just pull up older threads but none of the pictures will come up on my computer... My A&M's are a month and a half old now... They arent crowing yet though so I cant get an idea of who is who... They arent foaming at all yet either... There was some way to still tell though.... a little pimple/bump around the boody... or looking at the vent... I forget whats what..

I may just still have to wait longer.... I want to get them divided up into their cages though and separated for breeders and layers and eaters...

I tried beer sexing and I got drunk with now results.


7 Years
Jan 6, 2013
SF Bay Area, California
There will come a point in development where the hen will have a substantially larger vent than the roo. Also feel the cloaca bones for width. Females will have more space between the bones than males. If that doesn't work put a cage away from the others and put one bird at atime in it. THe bird will get mad eventually and crow or cricket for you.

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