A Miracle or is this common?

Discussion in 'Peafowl' started by FLOrange00, Jun 12, 2011.

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    How strange that my first post at BYC will be a strange post. I was just wondering if the following is something of a miracle or more of a commonplace event. One of my penhens decided the back of a stall that my goats use was where she was going to make her nest. I had been keeping an eye on her and knew her eggs were close to hatching. Let me explain that we live in a very rural area in Florida and we've always had problems with possums and coons and occasionally a neighbor's beagle attacking our peacocks and quail in the past.
    Thursday morning I was down at the barn and the neighbor's beagle showed up. Since I had caught the same dog destroying a peahen's nest last year, I chased the dog off. About 20 minutes later, it shows up again. I chased it off again all the way to where to dog lives. I went back to the house and promptly forgot about it. That afternoon when I went to feed I discovered the peahen in the goat stall's nest was partly destroyed and the hen was gone. I couldn't find her the rest of the day. I left the unharmed eggs in the nest and took the broken ones away, thinking Mom might come back.
    To make the rest of this long story short, the next morning I found the hen and she had abandoned the nest. When I went to the nest to gather the eggs for disposal (they were cold), I heard a peep peep peep. One of the eggs THAT WAS COLD was hatching. I brought the egg up to the house and placed it on a heating pad and covered with some flannel I warmed in the drier. The baby is doing fine. He/she is in the house with some pheasant that just hatched out and they get along well. Luckily I have 3 baby peafowl I incubated that are about 3 weeks old. I'll introduce them soon and see how they get along.
    Has anybody had this happen or hear of an egg being abandoned, get cold but hatches out a healthy youngun?
    Thanks and I sure love this website. So much to learn and so many who share their knowledge. Terri
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    That's pretty crazy! I think your warm, humid FL was the one thing that saved it! I also know what would happen to the dog next time it showed up!!!!!!!!(hint, it wouldn't go home or come back![​IMG])
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    yes if you get the eggs soon after she leaves the nest....have see chilled eggs hatch.
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    I thought a duck had abandoned her nest once, and since I was planning to move the ducks anyhow I went ahead and moved them. That night when I was going to remove the eggs, I decided to candle to see if any even formed. I was shocked to see movement in three of them and rushed them inside to put them in an incubator. The high temps for the day was in the mid 40's. Those eggs were COLD. That is why I tell folks to not give up if they lose power in their incubator. You just never know...

    There was a story a while back about a Miracle peachick, so I had to find it: https://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=361038&p=1
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    [​IMG] Wow that is quite a story! [​IMG]

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