A mixed up loaf baking - first try and strech and fold forming

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    I'm developing a new sourdough culture, one that I started off of Rye flour and let it find it's own wild yeast. It's only 7 days old but since I hate to waste anything and had a half cup or more to discard to continue the process I gave it a container of it's own, fed and watered it bringing it up to 100% hydration and gave it 30 hours to develop. Then I used the Gump bread recipe very loosely to guess at how to proceed, knowing that Artisan breads generally have 25% of the flour in the sponge and that I needed a wetter dough.

    Anyway this may or may not have much of a sour taste but I got to try the stretch and fold. I have a loaf in the oven that is somewhat formed as it should be. I can see why they say that takes practice! Maybe by the time my starter is mature I'll be better at this.

    I'll try and get a picture of it but I think my camera is done for good.
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    Well doing it again I would split it into 2 loaves even though I did not use all the flour. I got some open crumb which surprised me since the starter is still going so fast, it can triple in about 5 hours yet.

    I only stretched and folded twice due to the size and the pan not allowing me to continue really unless I got aggressive with it like a punch down.

    Tastes great and it has a bit of sour to it. Misted the loaf for a bit of crust but not much, hubby is not fond of crust.


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    I was just doing a search for bread, and this looks absolutely YUMMY!! MUST TRY!! Thanks!

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