Very swollen toe, lumpy foot, and infection in 7 mo old Pekin - probably NOT bumblefoot


May 3, 2020
Sorry for the delay here, folks. My Pekin is functionally fully recovered. Her right leg seems to be (permanently?) swollen, but the skin is no longer tight or hot. She doesn’t limp and she’s as active as ever. I never did take her to the vet or do antibiotics. I used the epsom poultice and wrapped it, changing the bandage every 24 hours. She rested a LOT and there were probably a couple weeks that she only moved to eat, drink, or limp her way over to the shed where I toss out the dried worm treats.
Anyway, hopefully it’s helpful to hear another “success” story of a Pekin healing through these leg issues. Hope you all have similar stories.

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