A mixture of Hay and Shavings? Good/Bad idea???


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8 Years
May 27, 2011
Long Valley
From the PDZ website:


Chickens have a lot of benefits, but they are by no means the neatest of barnyard animals. In fact their coops, hen houses and pens can get really stinky. Sweet PDZ is the answer to your smelly, dropping filled coops. Sprinkle Sweet PDZ liberally where the birds make their mess. Reapply regularly on the most frequently used roosting areas, and you’ll be well on your way to a healthy, safe and pleasant smelling chicken house. Sweet PDZ also makes it much easier to remove the droppings when cleaning out the chicken’s house. As an added benefit Granular Sweet PDZ can be safely eaten by the birds and used by them to grind their food. Clean smelling chickens = healthy chickens.

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