A Moment of Time in My Happy Flock

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    Stan watched Leggs very closely. He was worried about her today. She seemed anxious, unsettled. He offered her a bit of food and she refused.

    "What's the matter?" he clucked softly. "You are not feeling well?"

    She lifted a foot in thought. "I'm feeling strange today. I have something to do and I don't know what that something is."

    Stan gently cleaned dirt from her beak. "I'll stay with you. I've been with you since we hatched and I won't leave you now. Come lay in the shade with me."

    Leggs turned her beak from him. "I want to lay in the sun."

    "I'll lay in the sun with you." He arched his neck and flapped his wings. "I'll make a nice spot for us."

    Leggs started to follow then hesitated, looking back at the coop. "I want to go in the coop."

    "I'll go in the coop with you. I will not leave your side until we figure out what is wrong with you." Stan bowed to her.

    Leggs clucked worriedly to her sisters who answered her with knowing trilling, and watched her make her way up the ramp with Stan behind her.

    Stan paused at the coop door and said to Little Sister, "Make sure the hens behave themselves."

    Little Sister stood at the foot of the ramp. "What's the matter?"

    Stan gave one flap of his wings. "I'm not sure. Leggs may be sick. She's feeling anxious."

    Little Sister clucked knowingly. "Take her to my nest. Stay with her. She's always been the nervous girl of the flock."

    Stan wiped his beak and went in the coop.

    Leggs pecked listlessly at the food. Stan found a nice morsel and gave it to her. Leggs took it and threw it down. She looked at the row of nest boxes. Stan wiped his beak on the wall of the coop. He moved so the fan could blow his tail feathers. He took a moment to admire his glorious green sheen, and nearly jumped out of his feathers when Leggs cackled loudly. She raced across the coop, around the waterer, and stopped under the ramp leading to the nest boxes.

    Stan remembered Little Sister's words and looked at the nest boxes. He navigated the ramp with ease and settled in Little Sister's nest. He clucked and cackled as he arranged the bits of hay all around the interior of the wooden box.

    "I like this!" he told Leggs.

    She cackled in irritation, then raced to a perch. She studied it a moment, shook her head, then raced up the ramp. She carefully studied each nest box. There was so many she was confused. Cackling worriedly, she finally joined Stan.

    He clucked and preened her face. She pecked his ear lobe, and he sat with head nearly buried in his chest feathers. He flexed his hackle feathers and shook his head. He liked the way his wattles moved when he shook his head. He showed them to Leggs who pecked him again.

    "Don't peck me!" he clucked at her.

    She growled a low sound of irritation and squinted at him. "Be quiet. I have work to do."

    Stan lay his head across her back. "I'll be quiet."

    Leggs fluffed her feathers and gave a mighty cackle. She flattened her feathers and was very quiet. She closed her eyes, and shrieked a sound that made Stan opened his eyes wide.

    "What's the matter?" he crowed and jumped up. "What's happening?"

    Leggs straightened her legs. "I laid my first egg! Look!"

    Stan jumped up. "Wow! Look how pretty! And so smooth!"

    The two admired the egg for a moment.

    "Let's go eat," suggested Stan and shook his wattles.

    Leggs raised her leg in thought and gave herself a quick preen. "Okay. I'm hungry."

    Stan strutted after Leggs and crowed his excitement. The other hens joined in the feasting of the pellets. Big Sister made her way toward Leggs, her bustle combing the coop floor. She was the biggest hen in the flock who laid the largest egg. She looked into Leggs' eyes and the younger hen bowed her head in submission.

    Placated, Big Sister preened her neck for a moment before preening Leggs' tail feathers. Little Sister approached and congratulated Leggs with a loud cackle of joy. The flock is happy and soon Stan is taking the girls out for sunbathing. He stretches nears Leggs and clucks to himself. The hens stretch along the ground with eyes half closed. Soon they are resting peacefully.

    Just a moment of time in my happy flock.
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    Aww, so sweet!

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