a muscovy ? and a wing ?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by chasing ducks, Jul 20, 2010.

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    I think one of my ducks has angel wing, and I can't fix it. I have tried vet wrap, panty hose, tape, etc. and she manages to take it off every time. You only really see it when she swims, it looks like one wing tip is sticking straight up into the air (sorry no pics out of room on my camera). Does this sound like angel wing or something else? the other question is about muscovies, I have 4, 2 have stayed the exact same size and at 8 weeks are about the same size as my cayugas. My 5 week olds are a different story, one is about the same size as my 8 weeks olds and the other is about half their size. Am I correct in thinking one is likely a male and the other 3 are females? Sorry again, no pics, no room on my camera.
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    The big one is most likely a boy.

    And this is what angel wing looks like.
    It's not something you only see when they are swimming.
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    You can use Duct Tape for angel wing too, but you do wanna amke sure thats what it is because the tape will pull a few feathers out when you remove it. I had to do this with one of my muscovy drakes but for a different reason.

    And i agree, the big one is probably a boy.
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    I know how it is when they get their wings out of the wrap. This means the wrapping was too loose and not up high enough. Happened to me. Plus you need a helper for wrapping the bird. Angel wings is most of the time only one wing, but it can be both. Let me walk you though the vet wrap so you hopefully succeed. First you have to wrap the wing itself into position, without it is will simply slide down and hang out. I've been there. So here we go. I lay the wrap under the folded in wing ending with the roll in the hand on the side of the bad wing. I fold some of it from the center over the folded wing and come in over it from the side. Now comes the first wrap going around the bird close to their feet. The second wrap goes higher over the wings around the chest and you finish over the center pressing it down firmly. If is too loose, if your bird manages to get out of it and you have to make it tighter the next time. Overall you only need to wrap for 4 days and can remove it at night. You will see how it looks and decide if you need additional days. I know angel wing is a cosmetic thing, but quite honest if it stays out you have the risk of injuries down the road when they panic or who knows what. It is best to set it now, even if it is hard. Here is an image of a wrapping I did to an injured wing which almost looked like angel wing. The wrapping was not quite high enough and he managed to get out of it the second day. So you will need to go higher then the image. It does look tight, but it wasn't at all. Looks can be deceiving. It was mainly feathers puffing out. I hope it helps you, and don't give up.

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