A New First!


May 6, 2018
New Brunswick, Canada
54AF1451-1DC8-438D-B2EF-97980E34ED2C.jpeg well it’s been a very busy few months. Big Refinery shut down with way too much OT. Going to work in the dark and arriving home in the dark. Our 5 hens have been giving 1-3 eggs per day. We have a green layer that stopped for a bit and another younger hen that never started.
My beautiful wife and I were headed to church yesterday and I mentioned how excited it would be to finally see the day we would have 4 or 5 eggs in one day.
After we arrived home from Sunday service I was excited to see 4 eggs. Seems like our youngest hen may have been laying the odd brown egg but I’ve not noticed as there have never been 2 brown eggs in the same day until yesterday and again today.
Another first, very exciting.
I’ve noticed the colour of our eggs have dulled a bit. I assume because they are not on fresh grass low hours of light and the bellow freezing temps.
Looking forward to the day we have 5 eggs woohoo.

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