A newbie question about collecting eggs

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May 13, 2009
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I'm a newbie and my "girls" have started laying eggs this week. I went out this morning and sure enough another egg. When I picked it up it was still very warm. Is it correct that I should let the egg cool before putting in the refrigerator. If so, how long do I wait - I would assume until cool to the touch. Want to make sure doing everything correctly.
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I thought it was 21 days on the counter and dont do the fridge at all.. but Im a newbie kind of too... I have flashes of what my grandparents would talk about but basically I have no idea what im doing other than that... Its all instinct and stuff people told me that I have no time to verify online yet.. hahaha
dont tell my husband , hes a city boy and hes already freaked out by my new additions... 2 was cool but 4 is making him a bit paranoid! hahahahah:lol:
They can be stored at room temp if you wish, but will stay fresh longer in the fridge. I put mine in the fridge while still warm all the time.
I think she was talking about eggs for EATING not eggs for the bator/broody

I place my eggs straight in the fridge, warm or no. They will steadily cool off in the egg carton i guess.
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