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15 Years
Oct 16, 2008
I was under the impression that peafowl do not reproduce until they are two years old..

Today I was told that they have to befive years old..

what is the real age ?
I think it depends on what kind of peafowl you have. From what I've read, the blue species breeds earlier than the green species, and the spaldings are somewhere in the middle.

I have a 1 1/2 year old India Blue peacock..
and a 2 month old chick that I hatched . I don't have a clue what breed nor what sex that one is.. someone broought me eggs from, a 3rd party, to hatch, i hatched 6 and kept one for my trouble..

I am 69 years old.. i don't want to wait too long.. LOL I don't even buy green bananas anymore..

Based on the higher price for greens, I'd suspect that the one you hatched is most likely of the blue species. I don't think most breeders would let eggs from green peafowl out of their sight -- unless they were sold.


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