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    Our pastor had this in the bulletin today, and his sermon was about Earth conservation, which we enjoyed. I thought it was something to remember for every day. Not meant to start a controversial discussion by any means....just a thought... Something for us all to think about, regardless of what your faith or beliefs are.

    The Earth is the Lord's
    (a Welsh Folk Hymn)
    Carolyn Winfrey Gillette, 2001

    Creation reminds us, oh God, of your love
    By grace we are learning, as year leads to year
    We're called to be Stewards, Your caretakers here.

    Your rainforests nurture the world that we share
    Your wetlands give animals shelter and care
    Your coral reefs cradle the life of the sea
    YOu've shown us in love what your good world can be.

    Too often, Oh God, we abuse your good Earth
    WE fail to remember it's beauty and worth
    WE take from creation much more than we need
    We threaten your world through indifference and greed

    May we be good stewards of all that You give
    Protecting creation wherever we live
    May we be a church that renews and restores
    And lovingly cares for this Earth that is yours.

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