A pip!! And I can't find my hatch buddies--


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Jul 30, 2009
Charlotte, NC Area
I can't find the threads of folks hatching this weekend--where are you? Can someone post a link (I know, I'm pathetic)? Anyway, hallelelujah, there's a pip in one of Callie's eggs!
I didnt really post about it, but this afternoon, Day 21 started with a dozen eggs. One BBS Orp has hatched and the remaining two are pipped. Three of Nine Delawares are pipped.
I have a second batch of 13 starting into day 19 now. Both batches are already sold, though.
You are way too funny!!! sending good hatching vibes to you!!!
Thank you! I'm glad you think I'm funny. I do crack myself up, but sometimes I think I'm the only one who's laughing.

speckledhen--is it hard hatching knowing you won't keep any of them? I plan to sell ducklings in the spring, and am thinking I will have to keep at least a *few* babies from each hatch...
Congrats on your hatch & pips! Post pics!
It's weird knowing none will be staying, but I am about to start incubating a bator-full of Delawares and I have a chance to keep some of those if I want. I really don't want to brood chicks in cold weather, though I've done it before, hatching all the way through fall and winter one year. And there is no room in the main coop right now for more anyway. I don't usually take lots of hatching pics anymore, but I'll take some of the babies when I can see them. The Delawares usually pip and hatch early and this time, they're losing the race to the Orps.

ETA: a fourth Delaware has pipped. The little one in the bator is running around, yelling its head off-typical Orpington drama queen.
I have the opposite problem I have to brood inside to keep my chicks alive in the summer so no hatching next summer for me! winter is awesome here /will be hatching some of my own BBS cochins-no more buying eggs(right)then next year some of my own BBS JG's and upgrade my flock!!Better not count my chickens yet! Delewares are really nice cant wait to see yours!
I'm hatching this weekend..one Barred Rock just popped out of it's shell a few minutes ago rest are due tomorrow.

These are the last for this week..wait a minute it's Saturday last day of the week-oh well after this nothing hatching for another 2 weeks!
I'm sitting my last eggs of the year tonight and Monday.I have to stop we are running out of baby space and I have kept my entire hatch of Delawares and Leghorns so lots of fuzzy butts right now chirping here-50+ of them all under 2 weeks alone

Good Luck to all this weekend
:)Im waiting on my first hatch ever this weekend. My hubby bought me my first incubator for my birthday, and I have been soooo excited counting the days down. So far nothing, but tonight technically is day 21 for me. Good luck to all of you!!

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