A please read for: "Sellers Guide - Table of Contents"


10 Years
May 10, 2009
Morris, PA
Yes, I am the original poster of that thread. I was in fact, LinckHillPoultry. I can no longer edit the thread, because with my new screenname I am not entitled to edit the thread any longer.
My computer crashed, which was the reason I was absent from the site for about 6 months, so I had to resort to using the laptop. I had to make a new screen name for BYC on my laptop because for some reason, I could not log into LinckHillPoultry on it.
I am sorry for your inconvenience.
I do not want to see the thread die, but I will, in fact, if you would like, start a new Sellers Guide - Table of Contents and start from scratch ( Since I love you guys so much
) which does involve lots of time, but I would do it if you guys would like me to.

Haley, you can copy and paste your original post nad put it into a new thread. If you want you can keep being in charge of the project and I will sticky your new thread in place of the old one.

Let me know!
Even better, just start a new t hread with the exact same title and I will go in and copy it for you. That way it will have all the bolds, italics, etc that won't copy over.
Thanks guys! Ill restart a new one, the old one had some stuff that was unneeded. But I really enjoyed doing it!


Thanks Nifty, but I'll try to restart everything on this one, I'm sure that during my absence I recieved a lot of messages and such in my inbox, and last time I was able to access it, I had about 99% of a full inbox. I'll just restart from scratch, I like to take on a challenge

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