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    be kind to me LOL

    I've been a dog breeder for almost 3 decades. In breeding dogs if you breed before actual ovulation you get more girl pups at or after ovulation more boys

    In reptiles sexes can be manipulated by incubation temps for more girls or boys

    In chickens does temp of incubation (high norm or low norm) affect sex of chick at all?
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    Only in that a temp change favors death in shell of one gender over an other. The hen determines the gender of the baby. There have been a couple of studies done that seemed to indicate that egg shape can be an indicator of the gender it will produce. I followed it up with my own experimentation, and over 3 hatches, have increased my pullet hatch from 40 to 60% with each hatch. There is a survey link at the bottom of my signature line.
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