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Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by The Wolf Queen, Nov 19, 2011.

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    May 2, 2009
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    OK long story short there have been 2 large dogs (a rott or rott X & a lab X) roaming my neighbor hood on & off for the past few weeks. I have no idea whose dogs they are but the rott has a collar (since they were last seen the collar has changed), not sure about the other dog. 1rst time these dogs showed the rott was pacing the irrigation ditch by my property & was acting really nervous. The pair showed up again yesterday & wasnt even nervous. Then they came back again today & were almost on my property (a few feet). Bottom line: so far they havent tried anything & havent even charged my dogs at the fence, but if they do some how manage to get on my property & try something I want a real gun to be my last option...so I was thinking about a paintball gun. My question is: what is a paintball gun that isnt too expensive & is easy for a VERY beginner to use? I have BB guns & am pretty good with them, but I do not want a BB embedding in the dog. Any particular brand & model recommendations would be great. I was also thinking that these are probably escape artists dogs, & if they come home one day covered in red paint it will make their owner/s really work on supervision &/or improving the fences. Thanks in advance!
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    Any good sporting good store would be the place to start. Around here Big 5 has a number of them.
    They are good for marking your predator for the police or the dog's owner. The problem with them is, they might just make the dog mad. Then they become a real problem. Try to follow them and if you find the owner, talk to them. If you do need to use a real gun, make the shot a clean kill, then it it time for the last two of the S's. Never own up to anything if the owner comes looking for them.
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    If something does happen im really hoping that since the rott seemed pretty freaked the first time the sound & splatter (not to mention impact pain) from a paintball gun will terrify it & it will run home tail between its legs. Im not relying on that but im hoping...
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    go to walmart and get a 100 dollar spider paintball gun, best around and easy to use
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    Quote:see, I can understand this in a way. But, I always have them informed to come get the body. I don't have any place to shovel a hole big enough for a dog. Shoot, we could barely dig a hole big enough for a dead bunny without a pick, so I'm NOT going to that kind of effort for the neighbor's dog.

    You are within your rights. SSS isn't going to endear you to the neighbor's either, esp if you have shot the dog with a paintball gun before. They will always suspect it was you, so why not just own up to it? *edit* I also,though, had a huge problem with the owner's just replacing the dog who "ran away" and never considering that they should keep the new dog home

    Also, shooting with a paintball gun or bb gun is considered animal cruelty in some areas, so check with Animal Control/sheriff's office before you go that route. Someone posted here not very long ago about receiving a citation for it!
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    If it hasn't been covered already, shooting a dog with a paintball gun can get you charged with animal cruelty.

    It is either call animal control (if there is one), the police (if they care), or S?S (shoot, shovel - haul away - dumpster, and shut up). An aggressive dog roaming in my yard will always be shot on sight.
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    My son used to play paintball-he said it only hurts at point blank range (silly boy). Seriously-not sure how that would fly as animal cruelty unless you were shooting it at point blank range (which doesn't sound safe). We prefer the SSS but I understand options are more limited in urban areas due to safety reasons.
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    I appreciate the warnings about this legally & will see if I can find my animal cruelty laws. Unfortunately I do not speak legal very well & im not exactly the Google queen [​IMG] so... Anyways I think at one point somewhere I read that non specified (didnt say whether it was directed towards paintball, BB, pellet, or bullet guns) shooting was allowed if an animal was going after livestock.

    Ive heard different things from different people about the pain involved. Ive heard things from "yeah it hurts a little bit" to "its hurts bad & im covered in bruises" so im not sure what to think. I guess it just depends on pain tolerance but my point it to scare away the dogs. I know SSS is always the top option but I really dont like killing things unless its 100% necessary, & the point of this thread, bottom line, is "what model of paint ball gun do you recommend?". Thanks again!

    ETA: thekid I went to the Walmart website & didnt see any "spider paint ball gun" listed?...
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    Shooting a dog with a paintball gun makes the act traceable back to you and has the potential to get you sued for animal cruelty, depending on what your local ordinances are.

    A better option is to be nagging your local Animal Control Authority every time you see the dogs running loose and to get good and familiar with your local ordinances (call your local municipality/county authority and they should be able to point you right to it) regarding roaming/uncontrolled animals and your rights when they are on and/or damage your property.
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    Aug 12, 2009
    I watch videos where idiots shot themselves with the PB guns.Left some serious welts.As with killing be sure to avoid detection. I understand your frustration.Feel it everytime I see the hawk watching my hens.

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