A quick guide on how to make your very own meme!


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A quick guide on how to make your very own meme!
The goal of a meme is to be simple, funny, and relatable.
You can use any photo editing software on your computer or phone that will add text to a picture or you can use one of many meme generators available online!
PLEASE BE AWARE: While easy to use, making memes on some online generators might not be private.

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The most commonly used font on memes is called "IMPACT" but it's not necessary to use this font if you don't have it available to you.


You want your meme to be easy to understand and emotive!


Memes pop up absolutely everywhere and you can get inspiration from other memes all over the internet but original memes are always the best!

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Even when taking inspiration from another humorous meme always be sure to use your own image!

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