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    (I hope this is the right place to post this, I'm sorry if its not:) I have my chicks in a 'make shift' coop atm. (Its a 8x8 dog pen that I put a corrigated roof on with one of them store bought (tractor supply) houses inside. In the one corner I have a perch with a 'chicken light' over the top of. My Chicks used to sleep on the perch under the light at night time (I let them out during the day btw) Anyway, I leave the light on all night but have noticed the birds stopped using the perch and now sleep on top of their chicken 'house' facing away from the light. I guess my question is..should I shut off the light? Do you think its bothering them? And why won't they use the house? Will they just instinctivly go in the house when they are old enough to lay eggs?..ok, it was more than one question,sorry:)
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    I would turn the light off. Maturer chickens need dark to sleep well. It sounds like there is a reason they prefer not to go into the house. Perhaps it is not well ventilated enough. Chickens put out a lot of moisture and ammonia, and need these things to be ventilated outside; they need and like their air fresh. Of course they could be being disturbed in there by rats or some other critter. If it is cooler outside they likely prefer that.
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    Quote:x2 If it's not ventilated enough, the light is only adding to the heat/humidity/moisture. In the event that they are being disturbed by a rat or something, do you have anything you can put to cover the corner where the perch is? I am also using a dog kennel for my 'coop' and I have a tarp around the back end & part of the sides.

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