A Request For Members - Please whitelist BYC's Email Address


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Sometimes our member's email providers block the emails we send to them. Unfortunately we've had a few people that have marked our emails as "spam" instead of just clicking "unsubscribe". This can cause the ISP to treat our emails as spam for other members who want to receive emails from us.

Our Request:
On that note, one thing we wish everyone would do, is to:

1) Add our [email protected] to your address book / contact list.
2) White-list our [email protected] email address. Go to the link below to figure out how to whitelist byc with your email system / provider:


I'm hoping that if more members white-list our [email protected] email address, that the email providers will notice and stop blocking our emails.
Not a problem with my mail server. It does not catch one single spam email, not one, even set on high filter. It's why, as soon as someone else comes into this area, they are so fired! It all goes into my inbox, every last thing, no matter what it is and I have to manually move it to a spam folder. So, you're good!

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