A Semi Happy Predator Story


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Mar 3, 2015
On Monday evening, my son went to check on the chickens around 7:00pm. We were missing 3 of our 12 week old chicks (1 cockerel and 2 pullets). He thought they might be in the woods by the coop so he didn't think much of it. Well at 8:30pm when he went to close up the coop, they were still missing. So we were down 3 babies and no feathers, blood or anything could be seen around the coop. So Tuesday we do the normal routine of letting chickens out in the morning and putting in at night. I took a little walk and found feathers about 50 yards from the coop by the woodline, but nothing else. Yesterday I get home from work and walk up to the coop like I always do to say hi to the chickens and check on them. Lo and behold one of the little hens was back unscathed. I did a head count about 4 times because I couldn't believe it. That little roo must have been able to put up enough of a fight to save one of them and she must have hunkered down for a day. Not one thing is wrong with her. She was already skittish to start, but she appears to have survived without issue. I was amazed. Does this happen often?
I know roo's will fight to the death to save hens so if he wasn't with her then i presume the other two are gone. At least you have one girl back and take comfort he would have fought for her.
Sorry to be "Negative Nancy" but I highly doubt that the 12 week old cockerel fought off any predator. It is not true of all cocks that they will fight to the death for their hens, and even less so for very young cocks. It's more likely that the one surviving pullet just ran the fastest.
You need to keep your chicks locked in a safe coop/run until you eliminate the predator, or it gives up and moves on. Your birds are in serious danger, and your job is to protect them! Mary

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