A source for organic duckweed to be used as a feed supplement?

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    Hey there!

    I'm attempting to switch all my birds off commercial feed(s) and instead feed them as naturally and cost efficient as possible. I am already growing wheat-grass for them, and they love it. But I would like to grow another source of fresh greens for them. I've looked around, but haven't been able to find a source for organic duckweed seeds. Does anyone know of a place that sells them?

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    Seeds, no. You can find live organic duckweed on ebay though. I think I might start a kiddie pool or two of it myself once the weather warms, so I checked.
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    I'm not telling you to forget it so to that end I offer the following link.


    However, cost effective and complete nutrition would be nearly impossible without providing a prepared poultry ration.
    The economy of scale work against us. We may be buying grains by the 50# bag and vitamin/mineral supplements by the pound. Feed mills buy grains by the trainload and supplements by the ton.
    You won't get the essential amino acids they need without an animal protein source or synthetic (not natural) amino acids like the feed mills do to supplement the AAs in grains and legumes.

    If you can provide the nutrients in the correct ratios in the following links that chickens have been proven to need from natural sources, please share your findings. Not providing all the nutrients they need will at the least lower optimum productivity at best, cause nutritional deficiency health problems at worst.


    I add the following link since you are in a warm climate.
    http://www.be-troplive.be/betroplive/pdf/20121205_944831251_4 brigitte maass.pdf
  4. Organic 'certification' issues aside, is there really something all that wrong with going to a local pond/lake and scooping up a starter batch of duck weed to grow from? I know it's not certified 'organic' but at the end of the day it's likely as organic as most organic stuff as long as the pond is not situated in the middle of a conventional farmers field and getting pesticide run off...

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