a strange wet spot on my hens' back


8 Years
May 26, 2011
Hi, first time on,(I hope I'm doing this right!), I have an 8 month old cochin hen that acted sick ( tail down, standing in the corner), so I removed her from the others. She has been in solitary confinement for maybe a week, seems better, tail up a little more, interested in eating, although appetite still not normal. Her comb was very pale, but color is getting better, it is now pink. Today, I noticed a wet spot on her back- her lower back close to the tail. I spread apart her feathers to see if she has a rash or injury & saw a tiny transparent worm crawling around. What is going on? What is this & how can I treat it? Does she have a disease that is contagious? ( I wondered if the wet spot was blood, but it's not)
It sounds like she has a festered sore somewhere on her and perhaps it's a maggot you saw. You really need to give her a thorough inspection under those feathers all over her body and find out what is going on and treat accordingly.

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