A tale of heroism


11 Years
Jun 20, 2009
This story is so incredible to me, and I have no one to share it with but you folks!! A few nights ago, I forgot to close my coop and run after letting the girls free range in my yard. Quite honestly, I had become somewhat complacent about it because in 6 years of having chickens, we've never lost one to a predator. Well our luck ran out-next morning we found feathers all over and one hen missing.

I had a feeling whatever "it" was would be back. Sure enough, last night it happened. In the middle of the night, I was awoken by a chicken absolutely screaming with all her might. I woke my husband and we ran outside, expecting the worst. When the house door opened, a raccoon ran up the nearest tree and in the dim light I could see one of my girls near the door to the cage, now silent and still. In my head, I guessed raccoon had somehow reached in and dragged her around?? Or breached the cage?? As my husband ran up with the flashlight I saw her move--- and we realized she was completely unharmed. Raccoon hadn't gotten into the cage at all (props to Eglu-- he had clearly tried to dig under all around it but been unsuccessful). Somehow she must have woken up and jumped out of the coop into the run to protect her sisters from a predator. And it surely got our attention!

I am amazed-- the others slept through the whole thing. What a courageous act from a 8 month old hen!!!

Proud mom had to share LOL! From now on the top of the Eglu will also be closed at night for an extra layer of protection and I will never, ever forget and leave my girls in danger again.
Glad the raccoon did not to get to anymore of them! Good story! Weird that the rest of them were still sleeping!

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