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Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by Lizard Lady, Feb 26, 2014.

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    Sep 29, 2011
    So yesterday a huge brown turkey showed up. He's still here. He keeps hanging out near the chicken coop and ended up flying up into a tree to sleep. This sounds silly but I kind of feel like he earned his freedom when he showed up here. The problem is my chickens are running from him and he follows them. I really don't know if he will hurt my rooster or not, but he's very sweet to me, even eating out of my hand and letting me touch him. I've put ads up on CL and called my local rescue ranch to no avail.

    Can any of you help me? Will he hurt my rooster and chickens? Why did he end up adopting my house as his new home? I know nothing about turkeys. Lol
  2. Sounds like he came from someplace that also had chickens! He must be use to living with them.
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    Keep your inquiries going. If someone didn't just dump him, he's a local that might have gotten spooked and wandered off.. Just keep an eye out for mites/lice and check droppings under roosting spot for anything that doesn't look like well formed, but oversized, chicken poop.

    If you put out feed for him he'll probably hang around.
  4. Are you 100% sure it is not a wild bird? This is the time of year when the big flocks break down into small groups, a young male just may be on his own. I had 7 wild birds near my turkeys yesterday.
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    My toms have never caused a problem with my roosters,the hens though will chase the roosters occasionally. Turkeys are sociable animals,I believe it was dumped off on you and is looking for company. If you like it,let it stay, you will get more. Turkeys have much more personality than chickens.

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