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Hi. Hoping to get some input on a blue slate poult that has some odd behaviors and is getting worse. I'm going to give the entire timeline of "Turkel the house turkey". I got her with 2 others at a poultry swap June 8. They were about a week old at that time. Within a week, under heat and in quarentine, they all developed respiratory symptoms. I ended up treating them with Tylan. 1 died. The other 2 did well and went out to the baby cage in the coop about 4 wks later. They progressed into going outside a couple weeks after that. They were never well accepted by the other babies(about the same ages, maybe a little older). They started staying outside the coop on a windowsill at night. For awhile I brought them in but eventually gave up since it was warm enough. The larger 1(Turkel) developed respiratory symptoms again, so I brought her in to treat her. The 1 left out in the coop was dead the next day, I think killed by the other birds. Turkel was treated with Tylan again mostly because it developed into pneumonia. She recovered. I tried putting her back outside but ended up bringing her in as she was being chased and harassed by the others and just hunkered down and hid. At this point she was big enough to not like being in a cage and seemed frantic to get out. Ended up being with me most of the time, I guess I was her flock now. Slept with me(and 2 dogs and 3 or 4 cats). I started noticing that she wasn't able to find her food and water. Her pupils are dilated and do not react to light. She can only make very quiet peeping sounds. And now she is stumbling when she walks. When she is not sleeping, she is constantly turning her head from midline to the right, only moves it to the left to preen. She has fallen several times- off the bed, down the stairs, off the perch. My question is; is this a weird disease, is she brain injured, or just retarded? I am considering putting her down because she now seems to be getting really miserable. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
my thoughts would be to cull. it might sound harsh, but with animals i think the quality of life needs to be heavily evaluated - and in this case it seems to be greatly deteriorated. It sounds like you've given the turkey a wonderful and caring environment which is all we can do.
Sounds like a neurological Virus, Cull or isolate asap. If you Isolate continue treatment as is. Isolate any exposed birds separately Survivors or not Spray all the pens and accessories used with strong bleach-water solution
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