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    Keep your feeders up and filled until it's almost freezing. There may be a few stragglers who wait a little too long before they leave, and since most flowers have stopped blooming before then, the feeders will give them the nourishment they need to be able to continue their migration and not die of starvation en route.
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    Quote:Yep, my SO was telling me the other day that it was time to take the feeders down. That same night I read in my Birds and Blooms magazine to leave them up. [​IMG]
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    Great pictures! Love them! We have so many of them here. This summer and the last we had parents and 4-5 young ones. They are wonderful entertainment. My husband loves to stand with his hands around the bottom of the feeders. The "hummers" (as we call them) land on his fingers as they drink the nectar.

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