A wee bit of help please??


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Mar 21, 2009
Wet Argyll, Scotland
I have a year old silkie boy. I found him standing with his tail down and a wee bit lethargic but not too bad.
There were no obvious outward symptoms, vent area clean, no runny eyes or nose. In the morning he still crows his little heart out and if i give him 'treats' he shouts on his ladies!
I separated him from his 2 silkie ladies and two 6 week old chicks and started him on Baytril (I live in Scotland so antibiotics are going to be different) He is still eating and drinking and I have been giving him bruised barley, oats, mixed corn and layers mash. As an extra he has had some cooked egg and also grated apple.
The only thing that i can find that is different is his poop. It is a pale shade of green, not running or anything, it looks normal its just the colour thats different! His breathing sounded a wee bit crackly but only if i stuck my ear up to him!
Any ideas??


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Feb 5, 2009
South Georgia
There are several things that could be wrong. The trouble is, we could come up with a list and the real problem not be on that list. But I will make some guesses.

He could just be overheated. Is it very hot there? Does he have good shade, breeze and cool water? It could be an overload of worms, if they are common where you are and you have not wormed them. Or lice/mites. If it is very wet there he could have picked up a fungal infection. There is a good thread here about using Oxine in a vaporizer successfully for this, but then I don't know whether you can get oxine. It's actually an environmental disinfectant, so maybe. He could have eaten something spoiled or moldy; he could have picked up botulism. The poop makes me think of something he ate or worms.

http://www.chat.allotment.org.uk/index.php?topic=17568.0 (warning -- poop pics!)





I wish you luck.

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