A whole mouse?


9 Years
Jan 25, 2010
Central Indiana
About 10min ago I look out the window(my computer is near the window) and I see my CornishX running through the front lawn with something in her beak and her buddy the EE is hot on her heels. I go outside to investigate and she runs from me. I catch up to her and see that it's a baby mouse. While I'm trying to get my husband's attention(he's on the lawn tractor) she swallows the mouse WHOLE. It was about 2in long in total. Will she be ok?? I've heard of chickens eating mice before, but whole?
I have not caught my girls consuming rodents yet, but I someone else's when I was chick sitting. Poor little mouse tried to run across the floor and only made is 1/4 the way (~2.5 feet). It was tenderized and gone before I could do anything about it.
When I was growing up, ours did it all the time. If the mouse tried to race through the run in daylight, it was a gonner. Even the pheasants and peacocks would eat them. Your chicken is fine.
Your bird will be fine. A baby mouse is just an appetizer...lol. If they do catch a larger one usually it starts the game of "I have it and you don't" for a while, that is usually how it gets broken down into smaller pieces. Love them for the little dinosaurs they are
wish mine would do that- seems they are 'friends' with a local rat, and have seen them actually go up and touch his nose- and the roo just watches...

now frogs...thats a whole nother story!
When I had my standard cochin roo he gulped down a fullgrown field mouse with no hesitation. My silkie CHICK, only 3-4 months old ate a young one yesterday.
I feed my birds quite well, & there isn't a safe mouse in my chicken house. As soon as the baby mice start to wonder, they become chicken treats. I've seen a Bantam OEG hen suck down a whole mouse, after playing a short game of chicken football with it. Their better than the cats.
2 inch mouse is nothing, down here mine go after the 4-6 in lizards and 6-8 inch skinks...whole. Always have an egg just a little bit bigger the next day.
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I saw something black from across the yard, No idea what it was, it looked about 15cms long. Chickens got to it before me and it was gone

As for mice, I found a mouse hole, poured a little water down... Out came 5 chicken treats... I had some pretty happy birds that day

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