aaaack incubator broke...staggered hatch having to use hatcher!! HELP!


8 Years
Mar 24, 2011
I have eggs due Thursday of this week. Then I have eggs that I set on the 22nd , and 27 others that I set on the 2nd and 3rd. Well yesterday my Exoterra incubator I now have all of them in the lg, that I hatch in. I have just ordered a genesis 1588, but the earliest it will be here is Thursday or Friday. I have feelers out, locally, looking for something to borrow or buy dirt cheap...just to get me through next week when the genisis gets here. If I can't find one, anybody have any ideas for a temporary thing for next week, while the ones due are in lockdown? I was wondering if I could rig up a hatcher or stick the others under a heat lamp? Help! Lol
i love chickens
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*happy dance* a local chicken lover has offered me a spare incubator, that he has lying around, so I can hatch out the guys due this week without endangering the others.

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