Aaaak! Coop addition **PIX ADDED**


11 Years
May 19, 2009
Simpsonville, South Carolina
If I had known then what I know now---I would have made it bigger! I am adding on to my main coop--it's going from 4 X 8 to 10 X 8. I have had four men here working all day, piles of lumber around, power saws going, hammering, etc. The chickens are all fenced into the garden for the day. They are highly confused, as they can't get to either coop at all. Their food and water and one nest box (a covered kitty litter pan) are in the garden, where they are gathered at the farthest point from the construction. Most had laid their eggs this morning before the activity started, but one pullet actually flew over the fence and went into the coop to lay while the guys were working just outside the door. She did lay, too, and I didn't know she was in there till she sang her egg song loud and clear! I tried to catch her but couldn't, and she finally flew back into the garden.

They are removing soffits, etc to add on to the roof line (I'll post pix before and after when they are done). I reminded them that they have to have everything sealed up by nightfall---no missing soffits where raccoons or something could get in!

Then they are going to build a roofed run outside my garage coop.

I HATE construction! I want to have it done, but I hate it while it is going on! Sort of like remodeling your house. Nice to have done, but no fun while it's going on. I can't explain to the chickens either why their house is torn up.
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I hate construction too. But, just wait until its all done!
At first it was to be 4 hens just for eggs and a 4x8 coop. LOL now it is a dozen hens and a 12x8 coop. Hummmmm . Next Spring maybe another 4x8 coop and more run. Will it ever stop? Help I really do not have the money or the time to build more. It is fun though. Instead of 8x10 go ahead and make it 12x10 so you will have plenty of room for a dozen hens and a roo. It will not cost that much more at this time while you are building. LOL Gloria Jean
Oops! Too late to make it bigger. They got the floor joists and the floor in today and one wall. Good thing they haven't framed the other wall yet---I forgot to tell them I want a window!

I have 13 hens right now, and another coop that is about 6 x 8 (inside a detached garage). The six older hens are in the coop being enlarged, and the seven spring pullets are in the garage one. They all go out together into one big yard, but they do not mix. Each group goes back to its own coop at night. No roo yet, but one broody hen. She was not happy about being put off her nest all day today, but maybe it will help break her. If I want to raise babies, I want to use the garage coop for that, and put them all together in the big coop. Too bad they have other ideas!

Maybe I can get pix in the morning before they start working again. I took "before" pix yesterday.
Here are the promised pix. One day of construction shown. As you can see, it couldn't be any bigger without getting too close to the garden fence. But I think 8 x 10 will be big enough.

Before from the side


Before from the end



Check it out, girls!


Why do you have to keep messing with our coop?

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