AAAHHHH!!!!!!!!! TSC strikes again....


8 Years
Jan 27, 2011
So my wife and I went to TSC to get some food and a larger feeder for the 29 chicks that we already have. They are 4 weeks old. Got to the store and guess what came in this morning. CHICKS!!!!!! They had just arrived. So we came home with 1 5 gallon feeder. 1 bag of chick starter. 2 EE chicks. 2 Barred Rock chicks. 3 bantam chicks. And last but not least 2 ducks. These were all my wife's idea. She wanted nothing to do with ducks and bantams and now look what we have. Oh well, at least she is on board now.

I will try to post some pics in a little while.
WARNING: The chicken addiction is contagious!!!
They got me yesterday, too. I picked up two Speckled Sussex, two Barred Rocks, and two "Reds". We already have 12 ordered for the end of the month and another 8 in April. I told my wife I was buying the TSC chicks to raise and give to my sister. But, if she doesn't want them, I'll be more than happy to keep them. Good thing they didn't have ducks in yet.
I am waiting for our TSC to get bantams. I call everyday.
What about those ducks? I have kids that would love to have some but what do you do with them? Do you need a water source?
Shelley in PA
You don't necessarily need water, but they would prefer it. Just use a kiddie pool to give them something to play in. We had a few ducks and loved them. They are very funny and entertaining. Sadly, we had a bobcat get them all this past fall.

Edited to add - I wouldn't raise ducks and chicks together. Ducks make a mess and will get water all over the brooder - not good for chicks. And the bigger they get, the more mess they make. Still worth it though
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One of my best roos came from TSC. He was the king of the flock for several years until he got too old. He was a gold star hybrid and though he wasn't used for breeding, I still loved him so.
TSC has done it to me for a 2nd time today. My wife says "since we are not doing anything let's go to the other TSC." So we went. This time we came home with 4 more bantam chicks, 4 Buff Orpington chicks, and 3 Light Brahma chicks.

Thank goodness we have enough food and beding to keep us out of those stores for a while.
Gotta love "chicken math"!!!

OMG - why did I just call my feed store and ASK them when they are getting their bantams in?!???
TOMORROW! And they are doing a giveaway...5 meaties with the purchase of 50# starter...
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