Abandoned Canada Gosling with some health problems :(


Apr 24, 2015
Hi everyone,

I have a flock of chickens and this year I ended up getting a baby African goose from a friend about in early April. I couldn't get another goose pal for him until the 13th of this month so I bought him two Pekin ducks to hang out with until then. So I have a 5 week old African goose, two 4 week old Pekin ducks, and a 5 day old African goose. Tonight when my boyfriend and I got home there was a goose abandoned in a box by our front gate, no note or anything. I think it is a Canada goose that someone tried to raise but failed so they abandoned it with me. I think she may be 4-6 weeks old because she is getting a lot of her adult feathers. Her right leg is the most problematic as it has grown in completely wrong, almost backwards. She can get around awkwardly but it looks painful. The left leg is less problematic but still not 100% normal. From what I have read this is a vitamin deficiency so right now I am feeding her Chick Starter that is 19% protein and supplementing with Brewers Yeast. I also gave her plenty of fresh grass and a little bit of chick grit. Her right wing appears a little funky as well. I was just wondering what to do to help her or even if I can.

Thanks so much,


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