Abandoned Hens

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In the Brooder
11 Years
Jul 19, 2008
Someone dropped 7 Rhode Island off down the road from our home abut a month ago. We were visiting a neighbor and heard gun shots so he guys went to see what was going on. The hens were all perched in a tree on the road. We fed them and watered them twice a day and spent time each day talking to them. They were curious about us and started getting closer to me each time I went down. I went down one morning and they were all gone. I was sick thinking that the cyotes must of got them over night. Well we got a call from the owner of the campground down the road and he said I think I have one of the chickens here because it isn't one of yours that always visits us. they caught her and brought her down to us. We already have 27 of our own. This poor thing had hardly any feathers left and was so skinny. We decided to call her Lucky. All of our girls have names and will at times come when called. I put her in the chicken house with our two old birds Bobby and Baby girl, they are both astralops and the most loving birds ever. They hopped down and investigated her with out making an issue of a stranger eating there food. When we closed the door a couple of hours later I was shocked to see her sitting between the Bobby and Baby girl. They stuck with her for about a week and didn't let the others bother her. It was just amazing to watch the three of them. All 28 of them now are just wonderful together. The other 6 were never found. Happy mother to all 28 girls.

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