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Jun 11, 2022
I’m new to Muscovys so I’m not sure what to try next. I had two hens setting and the first ones hatched out. She had 21! Since then the hen next to her seems to have adopted 6 of the ducklings and abandoned her own eggs/nest. This morning when we went out she had rolled 6 of the eggs out of the nest. I haven’t seen her on the eggs much since the ducklings are out and about. She’s with them more. Can I salvage the other eggs? She’s been sitting for more than two weeks at this point, not exactly certain when she sat I just knew it was at least a week behind the other hen if not more. I don’t have an incubator. This is their first time hatching as they are just over one year old.
You can try looking up homemade bators online. Many use styrofoam coolers.
I’m assuming it will take me awhile before I can get a homemade one put together. How long do the eggs have without mama sitting on them? We’re in the south so it’s 85+ on average outside right now.
i had to keep eggs going overnight once when my Muscovy decided to follow the drake to the river and spent the night down there. I put the eggs in a basket and used a regular lamp that faced down onto it sprayed the eggs with warm water about every 2 hrs and turned them over. Amazingly when she came home the next day she went straight back onto the nest and they all hatched. It was my first and only time this has happened so whether I did it right I don't know but all 10 ducklings hatched.
Others maybe able to give better advice.
Anyone you could borrow an incubator from or would you be able to go buy one?

85+ should be ok to keep them viable for several hours, until you get something together. How cool does it get at night?
When it’s that warm here, certain places in my yard are warmer than others, so I would at least move them to the warmest area you can find, until you get something together. No direct sunlight, of course. You could also try covering them with some pine shavings etc. to keep the heat in.

I agree with Miss Lydia, lots of ways to make a temporary incubator, tons of suggestions on this site. The key is maintaining the proper temperature. If you can position a lamp to maintain 96-100 degrees, they should continue to grow. Since they are already started, you should have better luck than newly laid eggs. Candle them first. You will also need to turn the eggs daily, a few times a day, until they get to the final stages. If any aren’t fertile, I’d leave them in the nest in case the hen decides she wants to keep them.

Good luck!

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