Abandoned Zebra Finch Chick

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    Nov 14, 2011
    So about 5 days ago are finches hatched out a baby. Just yesterday I noticed that they haden't been feeding it, keeping him warm or protecting the nest from the other birds. The baby was very week and wasn't making noise when you would poke him. So I left him in their for another 5 minutes ish but was keeping an eye on him. Thats when the other bird came along and started to peck at him. The perants kinda just stood by and watched. So I took him out and put him in the brooder I had set up for cases like this. I have some hand feeding formula but it is at my other house that I will be going to later today. For now I have just been feeding him dog food soaked in water mixed with some birdy multi-vitamins. He is doing a lot better and is making lots of noises. I woke up every to 2 hours last night to feed him and warm up the heating pad, which is made out of rice in a plastic bag that was stuck in th microwave for 1 minute. The heating pad works really well. Now my questions are; how many night feedings should I do? What temp should he be kept at? Is their anything else you sugest for a heating pad? Because it is really inconveinent to have to change it every 2 hours. The heating pads at the store cost a lot, about $80. I would buy one if I needed it. But if there is anything else that would work better I would love to give it a shot!

    Thanks a bunch for you help! [​IMG]

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