Abdominal lump on a goat--Update


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Sable is my 6 week old LaMancha doeling. She had a urinary tract infection 2 weeks ago and as a side affect, had a small tumor over where her umbilical cord had been. Antibiotics cleared both up. She's been standing hunched over the last few days lately. When I went to bottle feed her this evening, I noticed that the lump is now golf-ball sized and soft. Again, it is over her navel. When she had the UTI, the vet said to put a warm compress over the area, but by the time I get out to the barn, the warm cloth is always cold, so I just never tried after the first few attempts. I'll be on the phone with the vet tomorrow.

Anyone have an idea what this is?

She's also eating and drinking water, although she doesn't want to take the bottle. I did let her nurse on her mom for a bit before I milked Clover (her mom) this evening.
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The antibiotics might have knocked out her good stomach bacteria. Get her some probiotics. I would probably let her nurse from mom is she isn't feeling good. Ask the vet about it when you call about the lump.
Hope she feels better soon!
Antibiotics wouldn't clear up a tumor nor would a tumor be a side effect from a uti.

Now she could have an umbilical hernia which could be aggravated by a uti, especially if she has been straining.

The thing to watch out for with hernias is a piece of internal organ falling through and then becoming strangulated.

If you can reduce the hernia(push it back in)with out any trouble it may be okay for now.

If you can't push it back in, I would worry about strangulation of the intestines or other internal organ.

Either way I'd see a vet(perhaps a different one than before, since the last one gave you antibiotics to clear up a tumor)
Took Sable to the vet today. He thought that she has an infected "eurachus" (spelling??) and that she does have an umbilical hernia. It may close up, it may not. She's on antibiotics for the next few weeks and if it doesn't close up on its own, we will probably put her down. I'm trying not to think about it, hoping for the best. She's such a sweet little goat (not to mention the one I promised my daughter she could show at the fair this year).

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