About 2 week old chick seems to have bloody feces.


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Mar 11, 2014
Today, I saw a red pink color on one of the chick's feces. I think I saw the same thing(same color in feces) since 3 days ago. However, all of my chicks doesn't show any other signs of symptoms, and they are all acting normal. The youngest is about 12 days old and the oldest is about 15 days old. They have been eating broiler starter feed since the oldest chick is 3 days old. I am not sure if the broiler starter feed is a medicated feed. I usually let them out for less than a minute everyday, whenever I want to change the newspaper in their cage. On that time, they can eat dirt. Also, the mom usually have poop on their cage, when I let them out. I thought the poop of the mom on the cage is not a problem since I change it 2 times a day, maximum is 14 hours apart, which means that there will be no occyst yet which can infect my chicks. I am going to caged them for at least 3 weeks, so that they can grow stronger and bigger before I introduced them to my free range adult chickens(the chicks will bleed if they peck them). Could it be a shed intestinal lining? Assuming the feed is a medicated feed with anticoccidiosis drug in it, is there a high chance to see bloody feces on chicks that have been eating it, before the infection?
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Treat with Corid or some other version of amprolium. It won't hurt them even if it isn't coccidiosis, but there's a very strong possibility that it is. Dosage for liquid Corid 9.6% is 2tsp per gallon of water. Not sure the dosage on soluble powder, but I'm sure you can find it with a forum search.

Coccidiosis can be a fast killer, so start treatment soon.
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