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About a week ago another swallow decided to make her nest on the metal plate that holds up the light fixture for our carport. Smart bird, since she can use the sun's heat on the metal roof of the carport to help incubate. We really don't mind the swallows, so I don't need any hints about how to get rid of them.

Problem is, about the time mama made her nest DH had turned the carport light directly below her on and has left it on. Last night I went to turn the light off because it's drawing bugs to the backdoor, but when I pulled the cord to shut it off I spooked mama off the nest. I turned the light back on so she could see to get back on the nest. It's pitch black out there without the light.

My plan was to turn the light off during the day today, when it won't be a problem for her to see even if I do spook her, but now I wonder. Since she is used to the light being on, should I just go ahead and leave it on for the duration?
I have No experience with it. But it seems like she has not mind the extra light and heat thus far, so I would leave it on. My only concern is FIRE....If the extra heat drys out the nest and starts on fire from being left on that long.....could just be me being paranoid though...lol
I think it's a good plan about turning it off during the day and leave it on only at night. But, I do agree with a possible fire risk, so please be careful.
That's a thought, but without being able to accurately describe the set-up, I don't think it'll be an issue. The nest is not on the light directly, but rather on the support plate above the light. I guess the worst that could happen is that her nest would burn up, but since everything else there is made of metal? DH said his mom had swallows nesting there years ago, so.......

Thanks for your reply
She'll be fine with it being off in the daytime. I had the exact same thing here, swallow nested on top of our front yard flood light that's hung under the eaves near our front door. We just use the light as usual, on at night, off in the daytime. I really enjoy our swallows and watching them raise their babies every year. Plus they eat a ton of bugs! They fly along under the porch and pick off the flies that are waiting to get in the house. Good birdies!
I would leave the light off all the time. A friend of mine had a bird nest in a light fixture, and left the light on. Unfortunately, the heat cooked the eggs. I hope your swallow has a successful hatch.

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