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    My NN rooster has started sneezing again but not as bad as before. Last time the Tylan injections cleared him up quick but now he's really hard to catch. I have some water soluble 20% doxycycline from when I had to treat a parrot.
    I looked it up and found it can be used in chickens but said not to use in layer hens. Mo has 2 hens with him and it is not possible to move him since I have nowhere to keep him seperated. Plus, he stresses very badly when removed from his ladies.

    After the Tylan we didn't eat the eggs for quite some time but wondering if it's the same for the Doxy or does it mess them up forever? Anyone know???
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    The reason is that they do not want people treating large laying flocks with antibiotics. They do not want antibiotic residues in the eggs - antibiotic resistant bacteria ect....

    You should be safe to give this to your rooster along with your hens. Although I do not think it is necessary if he is just sneezing.
    I would let it run it`s course as long as he is still eating and drinking I would leave it alone.

    If you do give the doxy. Make sure you do not eat the eggs for at least 7-10 days after you are done. The withdrwal period for meat is 7 days so just to be on the safe side add a few extra for the eggs.

    Hope this helps


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